My Algebra of Dreams

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hummingbird stories

bedtime stories

a hundred
to spin
the earth
into oblivion
while dreaming

as this
compression erases
the anonymity of my
for the porcelain
of your avant-garde skin

so jarring;
like a 70s
piano tune
with bursts of fancy karma
and fretboard shredding in

the vernacular
of sultry dressed
demons and witches …

in your
cinematic psyche
are silhouettes … driven
into the virtues
an alternate reality
sleeping in your bed …

with hummingbirds
holding up your hotly contested
submissions when poets come alive …

these complicated hours
turn my dreams into
erotic revelations
chronicling the
madness of
our love.

hummingbirds wheel and deal
these dreams into stories
for the gods …

and … my poems
are plagiarized pieces
of their illicit madness … utopian fables of lust.

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spiritual love of the poets

meet me
in the preface
of my sin-journey

raising questions
liquidating my soul …
give me your shadow … and your exotic self

give me something
to write to my demons … for

i dance to …

the legacy
of your love … so erotic

the wildness
of your aesthetics … so democratic … but

must you exile yourself
from my soul when
we are locked
in a mystic

do not suppress
your arousals
from my
embrace …
we are Zen friends/lovers …

a radical spiritual practice
scripted in the ancient rites

in the poetry
of our self-piety
played out in the literary
sepulchres of our soul-stirrings …

the echoes of the past
stir us again toward
the nipples of
the earth …

you and i … nurtured
in the gossip of the gods
hold the keys to the gates
of the new poetic experiment …
where flesh is made of the words

… of
our erotic
spirit union.

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my raven dreamscape

i’m a
terracotta raven … a
charcoal feathered soul

to choirs of
emerald ghosts
of the Tang Dynasty

caged in
my dark
satyrical nights
forested with glossy antlers
roaming with metal demons

in Whispering woods
fiending stray angels

with excess pools of thirst
bones … of immaculate sateen … while

ghost birds
in Tecumseh Valley
for a
transcendental reunion …

i become
a dancing
neon street
thundering into
an imaginary dream
of a fractured universe

a game
of crisis
like Hamlet
with bullet-proof shoes
… just me and my soul
companion … the she-albatross

in flight
under the sinister winds of Icarus.

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taffeta sea girl
freeze-branded rouge, burns on
scales -

star-gray and wild-caught,
algal moss and rot-slicked skin

bioluminescent alliums
framing spinal cheekbones, strung
down dense, Maraschino hair

blood-faded teeth, two rows,
razors of fleshy plaque

green iron, freezing sugar drip
mold-sweet tendrils from
rounded, flowerbulb tongue,
stippling rancid reef

52 notes

the madness of your poetry

i love your madness poetry
that falls down from the loins of your universe
with thunderous blizzards of incarnadine voices

full of oracular blasphemies
of non-gods; demon-witch
screams of acid

i let your poetry carve itself into
the swamp of my psyche
suffering the torrents
of your madness
day and night

i lie inside
your poems - they are wombs of wounds

i birth through
your stormy

other universe
spinning cribs and coffins
into the collectivity of the sky …

your poems are multiplications
of victimizations urbanized
for the temples of an
untruly heaven
lodged inside
my very
being …

i crave
the wanton intermittent madness
of your writings thrusting me
against the night into
the savage wind

how i love the passion
of your miracles turning
my flesh into a misty soul
dancing in the bright abyss

of your

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walking in the garden of the asylum

with her shadows
under my clobbered feet
erasing the ground’s dark roots

the remains
of my flesh here and there
on remote streets … approaching the river
in these lost hours before the final closure of that asylum -

a mandolin leaps out at me
memories race across the bridge
to the other side where a crescent galaxy
lusts for the last scraps of my existing fragments
for a vagabond procession with melancholy ghosts …

but …

i stop
and watch
the remains
of my flesh tremble
as i walk unsteadily

the arrival
of the she-albatross
carrying the brutality of her empire
to castrate my soul now and forever

the garden of
the asylum beneath
the falling of the autumn leaves …

unbending intent comes from
the dreams of Goliath
the beauty
of my dismemberment
will live on in the spirit of the asylum …

you will
hear my screams
under the moon and
my whispers under the sun
as i will walk forever silently …

in the garden
of the asylum.

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love: the poetics of a toxic explosion

sacred carnality
suffocating soul
breaking into me
with transcoded waves
of insatiable erratic energies

becomes a razor sharp
tyranny of pathological recklessness
held by the ever beautiful aesthetic praxis

of your lonely
abandoned soul …

you go oh so city on me
with hermetic ballet shoes
inventing macabre rhythms

the vagrancy of your soul dance
hunting for destinations erupting
the sublime out of a mortal crisis …

victims lie in texts
churning madness

folding into
the economics
of fanatic wounds …

still …

the machinations
of your semiotic soul
usurps secrets out of me …

poetic anxiety grows
as my wounds ejaculate
the hemorrhaging clusters
of celebrated estrangement …

your love is a fusion
of beauty and sacrifice …
toxic and
explosive … it has exceeded my expectations.